I'm not sure why. But I love giraffes. They are my favorite animal, here's a few great pictures of these lovely animals.

just as it's meant to be.

i wrote a song this week, hope you enjoy!

it's been a good week.

Rundown of my fabulous week:
- went running 4 days- the most I"ve been in a long time. Thanks to my buddy Taylor, we keep each other motivated by getting up @ 6:15 to go running. It feels so great to have completed a 6.2 mile run and it's only 7 am in the morning!
-  my bestie cousin Cheri came to visit!
- celebrating st. patty's day with green waffles in the morning!
-seeing Disney's Tangled-two times actually. Such a wonderful movie! Gotta love the dollar theatre:)
-going to BYU'S 21st annual hunger banquet. For those of you who don't know what it is, we got separated into classes by the world's population. I (along with 2 friends) ended up in the poverty section. We had to sit on the ground, eat rice/beans/tortillas and drink dirty water. (don't worry, just water with chocolate powder). There are so many people who go without, I am grateful to live in a wonderful country and surrounded with so many blessings.

- Bling Date  - each girl in my ward put in a piece of jewelry and each boy drew one out. The boys did an act of service for the girl and then met them at a specific time (wearing the piece of bling they had chosen). Ours was Saturday afternoon. We had a great picnic followed by an even better game of ultimate frisbee.

What a wonderful week it's been, full of adventures and great blessings!

getting rid of all those shoulds....

Let’s face it. We are all distorted in some way or another with our style and type of thinking, even if we can’t identify it right at first. My “favorite distortion”  happens to be one I feel that most people identify with: say hello to the Should Distortion of Thinking. How many times can we fall into the trap of thinking, I “should” do this or I “should” do that? There are always so many “shoulds” that will make us the perfect this or the perfect that. Everyone strives to be perfect and that comes with a list of shoulds, correct? NO! This is what those who suffer from the “should” distortion are thinking, including myself. Here’s a piece of fresh air, one that I need to be taking along with countless others. Throw off the norm, be your own person. Be the unique individual you were meant to be! If you spend all of your time planning how you “should be” there is no time to discover who you CAN BE! Let’s be honest, I spend a lot of time thinking of the things I should be working on, but I never get around to them. Sure these “should” goals have good intentions, but that will not get me anywhere! I am realizing I  don’t have time to live because I spend my time planning what I should do and become. And it’s simple, there is not time to progress in the things we could be accomplishing because our minds are focused only on the unreachable should list. How many people are known in history and had their name remembered because they thought “ I should make a difference?” None. It’s those who throw out the should list and find their unique role that lets them make a difference. So here’s a challenge to myself and to you: get rid of all those shoulds and you’ll make time for what you actually CAN BE!

a summer of adventures.

Projected outlook for SUMMER:2011

* ROAD TRIP to California for my friend Brianna's wedding in the Redlands California Temple.
*  EFY COUNSELOR. I'll get to spend 3 weeks @  this lovely campus: Southern Viriginia University.
* WASHINGTON DC - after EFY, I'll get to visit friends and family at our lovely nation's capital!
*NYC- after DC, I'll get to visit my sister and hubby in the lovely New York City!

I can't wait for this summer full of aventures! It will be so much fun to see new sights, meet wonderful people learn new things, and grow a lot. I cannot wait!

a tribute to my new and improved blog.

3 words. Sunday Family Rocks! Thanks to Melissa and Brandon, I now have a new and improved blog that is much easier to read and much more aesthetically pleasing (if you ask me!) Now that I actually know how to blog, expect at least 3 a year from me, maybe even a few more!


No more promises to blog all the time! Let's face it, I'm not always up for the blogging world. But sometimes I want to take a minute to express how I am feeling. And right now, I am feeling grateful for all I have!

1. My family- my sisters for letting me call and chat with them, my brothers who I get to visit and BYU and for my dad who is always so selfless.
2. all of the good friends I have made at byu.
3. A good run!
4. having the freedom to be the person I want to be
5. The opportunity we have to change.
6. My sister Hermana King's letters - she is such a good example to me. She is serving a mission and I just love her, she is one of my best friends!
7. For the days when I have a chance to make a good dinner
8. Rediscovering my love for reading as I read for my children's literature class.
9. For my roomie, Christine who has become one of my best friends.