The Lovliest Place

While still cleaning my room, I camp upon a quote the brought back many fond memories.
"This is the lovliest place and the best people under the heavens. Little do they know the trials that await them" -Jospeh Smith
Dad, Sar, Mike and I were able to participate in the Nauvoo pageant for two weeks this past summer. We got to share our testimonies by singing and dancing like the saints in Nauvoo. I loved this adventure. Nauvoo is such a lovely place and we did meet some of the best people under the heavens.

Tia, the directors daughter, and sarah and i one our last Sunday there.

Joseph Smith and us being goofy the last night.

The Nauvoo temple- trademark of Nauvoo.

A lot of our dear friends- blue cast members

The view from the Pageant Stage.
I love Nauvoo, and if you ever have a chace, go visit. It's an experience you're sure not to forget!

Care Free

While cleaning my room tonight, I was listening to the song Care Free by Jon Schmidt ( a wonderful and calming song) and I found this quote that I love. Here's how it goes:

God is weaving his tapestry according to his own grand design. All flesh is in his hands. It is not our perogative to counsel him. It is our responsibility and our opportunity to be at peace in our minds and in our hearts, and to know that he is God, that this is his work, and that he will not permit it to fail. -Gordon B. Hinckley

What a reminder that Heavenly Father has a plan for us! As we are Care Free and let Heavenly Father's plan unfold, we will see all he has in store for us!

fellow bloggers....

dear fellow bloggers of mine,
i am sad to say that i have been most horrible at updating my blog. as you can see the last time was april! So, starting today, i am trying to be better at blogging at least once a week! So hello to more blogs in 2010!
love, Hollie

Prom 2009

Junior Prom was held last Saturday, and I had a wonderful time. Here's a little low down on the details. First, when Luke Pettet came to pick me up, I was excited that I finally mastered the art of pinning on a boutonniere! I haven't ever been able to do it very well by myself, but finally, just in time for my last formal dance I pinned it on very well, and it stayed on the whole night! Yes! For dinner we drove down to Salt Lake and we went to The Garden (which is at the top of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building). It was very good except that I got a roll kind of stuck in my throat, and I felt sick for awhile. Needless to say about 15 minutes I felt better. What is it with the King family and getting food stuck in your throat? Oh well!After Dinner Luke and I, plus one other couple went to the gate at West temple for a surprise. What did we see awaiting us? A horse drawn carriage! It was so fun to take about a 45 minute ride through all of the old neighborhoods up to a place called Memorial Park. What a movie-like experience to be all dressed up, in a carriage, right? Very fun! Following our carriage ride we went to the capital for the dance. It was fun to see my friends with their dates all dressed up. After the dance we stopped for dessert and drove home. What a fun and magical evening.
P.S. Did you see how well we matched? I thought that that was a pretty good job on our part how well we coordinated... I loved being all dressed up and matching!
P.S.S. Forgot to mention, that we had a super fun activity a few days before. We went to play racquet-ball and then went to someone's house for Creme Broule. All in all, Prom was splendid!

SkInNy JeAns.....:)

Yes! You are not seeing a fake. I am wearing a pair of skinny jeans! I proabably would have never thought that I would ever buy a pair of skinny jeans, but after trying on Cheri's, i just thought they were so cute. So I've been looking for a cute and cheap pair and I scored big at Bukoo's today! Mike and i went and to check out their out of business sale, and i was so happy to find a pair for $12! Sweet-o SuPreme-0!

My First Blog!!

Wow....this is it! My first blog! I'm excited to become part of the blogging world! This will be a great way for me to keep all of you guys up to date with my life! HaPpy DaYs are here! Stay tuned for more exciting adventures in the life of Hollie King!!