A step into 2011

So I've decided I can't make new year's resolutions to blog, they just fall through kind of like last year's! But I am going to try and update some of the little things that go on in my life lately.
A summary of 2010...
- finished 1st year @ BYU
- had lots of friends leave on missions-fun they are scattered across the world!
- substitute taught for Provo School District
- roadtripped with my bestie, Cheri Peacock from North Carolina to DC (and loving every minute...well mostly!)
- got a job on campus for Byu Freshman Mentoring
- traveled and toured New England with my family. (I loved seeing Palymyra, Niagra Falls, New York City to stay with Em and Kyle, Boston, the lovely coasts of Maine, and Vermont)
- my first love
-getting my wisdom teeth out (ugh, first and something I'm glad I'll never have to repeat...)
- starting my 2nd year @ BYU
- decide on a major- Elementary Education
- meet lots of new friends in my ward and classes
- took a wonderful New Testament class where I learned so much about the life of Christ
- served in a Relief Society Presidency and came to love the girls so much
- my first break up
-Christmas with lots of family
But mostly I learned that even though things don't always go as planned, I can always trust my Heavenly Father's plan for me because he knows what is best for me and will help keep me on track!