To those dedicated fans...

How many of you grew up watching this show on summer mornings @ 9:00 am? I did! On campus last weekend they had a mock price is right show. Sarah, Amanda (one of sar's friends ) and I decided to ask dates to go to it. As we arrived, we signed our names on a paper. When they opened the the mock show "The Cost is Correct" with host Rob Blarker, they read 4 names to start the bidding. Whose name did they happen to read second? ME! "Hollie King, You're the next contestant on the Cost is Correct!" I was so happy to hear these words and I jumped up from my seat and ran down the aisle. Sad to say, the whole game went by without me guessing a right price. ( And I didn't end up sitting by my date for the whole show because I was up there, poor Bryce!) We still had a lot of fun though! At the end they gave me a gift card to Barnes and Noble for a whopping $5 dollars. Although not a huge prize, it was so much fun to have your named called down. I've always wanted to go to the Price is Right, and now I know I need to research prices a little more before I ever go, so when the real thing comes i will guess correct! Enjoy a few pictures of us!

Bryce and I were anticipating the start of the game show!

Team BOB: did i forget to mention we made matching shirts with different pictures of Bob Barker and the Price is right? I loved that old BOB, too bad he retired!
Bryce and I with my prize- a $5 gift card to Barnes and Noble.

I got a Job!

I was so happy to get this letter in the mail. I have been waiting for it all month.

I was even more excited when I read THIS!

Yay! I got offered a position as a peer mentor for next school year. I will be helping new freshman get situated in college as they get situated for college . I am stoked! My first real job!

Also, I had a great time with Sarah as we celebrated at Zupa's eating a wonderful salad called Nuts about Berries and a Hawaiian BBQ chicken sandwhich. What a wonderful celebration!

It's Been Awhile...

Okay, so let's face it; I am not great at keeping my blog updated. I just forget and then boom, it's been two months since i've blogged! So here is a little fun update
A dance competition!
My dance competition this past Saturday morning: I am in a dance class and we had the chance to perform in the dancesport competition in front of lots of judges. It was so much fun! My partner and i made it to the 4th round. It was so much fun to finally perform our cha cha moves in a competition setting! I had the chance to watch tons of amazing dancers- this was nationals for some of the teams. Also, we saw little kids that totally schooled us up. Some of them were only 7, but those little boys could sure move! What a fun day i had with this competition.

Our fans: Christine and Tyler - they came to see us! My dance partner Jeremy and I at the competition

Yes, We are dancers, that's right! :)