Welcome back to second semster at BYU! I'm loving these first two weeks. While I haven't decided what I'm majoring in, I 've decided on a music minor. I am talking two music classes, a church history class, BOM, choir, biology and dance. I seriously love all of my classes. I think I got the best professors! Also I get to take voice lessons for free from a student who's majoring in vocal performance. Lucky me! What a good semester I have ahead, stay tuned for more on this little BYU life of mine!

Tyler, Me, Christine and Chelsey at the Bball game vs. Colorado.

Meet the Golden Girls- 50 ladies between the ages of 52-93 who danced at the half time show tonight. It was so funny to watch these ladies move- you think you're in shape? Check again! At the end of the dance they had the 93 year old do a solo and she kicked probably higher than I can and then she did the splits. Yes, the splits at age 93. Doesn't that inspire us all to be a little more flexible?

This is me, decked in byu apparrel!