SkInNy JeAns.....:)

Yes! You are not seeing a fake. I am wearing a pair of skinny jeans! I proabably would have never thought that I would ever buy a pair of skinny jeans, but after trying on Cheri's, i just thought they were so cute. So I've been looking for a cute and cheap pair and I scored big at Bukoo's today! Mike and i went and to check out their out of business sale, and i was so happy to find a pair for $12! Sweet-o SuPreme-0!

My First Blog!!

Wow....this is it! My first blog! I'm excited to become part of the blogging world! This will be a great way for me to keep all of you guys up to date with my life! HaPpy DaYs are here! Stay tuned for more exciting adventures in the life of Hollie King!!