They've called me on a mission!

Hey friends!
It's been a long wait....but I got my mission call!!!!

I'm going to.........drumroll..........

SALVADOR BRAZIL! I leave April 24th to fly to the Brazil Sao Paulo Mtc. I am so stoked. (a beautiful/historic city!)

I should have known I'd get called there seeing the follow reasons ...

-My older sister served in Brazil (and everyone says we are so alike)
-My roommate this semester Jari is half Brazilian
- I made a great friend last spring who was from Brazil
-Both my home teachers this semester served in....guess where? Brazil!
- My little brother Elder King? Oh yeh he's serving in Brazil right now! (a few more weeks left in the MTC)
- 2 of my cousins also served in Brazil.

I wondered and wondered where I would get called to. I should have realized Heavenly Father was giving me clues all along! I am so excited. - I am the 5th grandchild on my dad's side to serve there and 3rd in my family!

A few fun facts:
-According to wikipedia  " Salvador features a tropical rainforest climate with no discernable dry season.."
-Salvador is the first capital of Brazil (very old and historic)
-nickname is the Brazil's Capital of Happiness because it is of the people are easygoing.
-It  was the center for the slave trade. Hence it is the home of African Brazilian Culture.
- I've heard the people speak a lot slower there! ( It a more relaxed and laid back culture- so hopefully this will help with my speaking)
- The people are very ready to hear the gospel. A sister missionary I spoke with said that you have the opportunity to teach many people and they are so kind.
- My mission is very close to my brother's mission. As in, we are pretty sure they share a border! Also did I mention that because I am waiting for my visa, I am not leaving til April 24th? I did mention that but did you realize that because of this, my brother and I will return back at nearly the SAME TIME? I am so excited to share mission stories and experiences when I get back! We will both return from a country and people we have grown to love. Can't wait to have share this similarity with my brother!

When I went to the 1st Presidency Christmas Devotional I saw this front license plate. I'm going there in 128 days!

Estou tão animado para servir em Salvador Brasil!


  1. So excited for you. You'll definitely have to let me know when the farewell is when it gets closer.

  2. Congratulations beautiful girl! I am so proud of you! Please post about your farwell, I would love to see you!

  3. hurray! Now you and all the boys can speak in secret in portuguese. Like aunt marilyn and ruth did to us when we were little when they didn't want us to know what they were saying- usually christmas stuff! Good luck, you will be an amazing missionary, I am jealous!

  4. Hollie!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!! You are going to be the greatest missionary :) That is so awesome!