There's nothing like a good day in Virginia!

I am absolutely in the best place right now for me! I got to Virginia last Friday (which was perfect!) I was able to stay with some counselors that night. However, they were at EFY so I just went to bed because I got only like a few hours of sleep the night before. Saturday morning was filled with fun adventures! Whitney, the health counselor at EFY invited me to go to a waterfall with her and some of the EFY counselor gang. It was absolutely beautiful. I became instant friends with Whitney and also her friend Kristen...who is a building counselor. Kristen is fun loving, loud, and makes me laugh so much! We totally hit it off. Afterwards I moved into my dorm room and then a few hours later we headed to Indian Food. It ended up being around a 35 ish minute ride, but was my first experience with Indian Food. I ordered some yummy chicken Tiki Masala and Naan. (This delicious flat bread!) Natasha, I thought of you and took a picture for you! During dinner I was laughing so hard, making connections to all the counselors, and I was honestly SO HAPPY! I can't really describe the feeling other than saying I was seriously almost in tears because I was feeling so happy. I know this is where I'm supposed to be for these next few weeks! On the way my leftover container spilled all over my shirt so I was smelling Indian for the rest of the night! Oh well, you win some, you loose some!  We went out to get some delicious Italian Gelato afterward. The drive back lasted over an hour because we missed the exit. However, I didn't mind because I was seriously riding with some very fun people! And lovely Whitney, when she came to come get me, she said "We'll have to squeeze in because all the cars are full...but I promised you could come so I still came." What a sweetheart! Sunday was a great day too! We had church and a lovely fireside with our session directors. I made some more friends as well.  I have met so many fun people and have awesome experiences here. EFY CRAZINESS started on Monday. I am seriously so busy every day! From 6:15 in the morning until at least 10:35 at night. It's so crazy. We have devotionals, firesides, free time, classes, variety shows, lunch duty, dinner duty, scriptures study...and let's not forget the crazy dances! We had a dance Tuesday which was a blast....but the downer is we have to wear Shorts. And believe me when I say I love my shorts! Wednesday was a fun day because that's when my girls and I started really bonding...along with the rest of my company.  Today was a wonderfully spiritually uplifting night because we had a fireside and testimony meeting. And I had the privilege of singing with two wonderful girls this song called he is the one. It strengthened my testimony of Jesus Christ and his love for us.  I also loved today because we got to dress in Sunday clothes. Yes, no polo for today! I cannot wait for tomorrow, another dance and fun activities. The time is warped her at EFY. I am making great friends and I feel like I've known them for so long, yet it's been less than a week. It's refreshing to meet people from all these eastern states and hear of their lives and their stories. Here are some pictures from my adventure so far!

PS. Let's just say one more thing...remember how I love to talk in accents? Well I've been picking up a southern/gangsta accent. So don't be surprised if you hear me saying ya'll or sounding a bit different when I get back. It's becoming a part of me. And I love it!
 delicious indian experience!
 yaya... my first day as a couselor!

I be loving the free ice cream at lunch....delicious! It reminds me of my days at Cherry Hill....

My old roommate Jessica and I waiting to be stage crew for the variety show.


  1. This sounds so fun! I'm glad you're having a blast, I bet your EFY group absolutely loves you!

  2. Sounds like you are having a blast! What a fun adventure. Just beware, I have several friends who met their spouses while working together at EFY!! HAve fun!

  3. Hollie! It sounds like you are having a GREAT time! I'm so glad that EFY is working out for you just the way you needed it. Can't wait to hear all about it when we are both back in Utah! Miss you! -Senorita Klotzer :)

  4. Hollie! I just found your blog :) I am so happy you had a good time! I was sad we missed you out here. We'll have to catch up another time! Maybe I'll come to Utah or you can come out to Virginia again!!